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At the Buzzer: Think About Your Service Desk Differently, Get Winning Results by Matt McConnell It's no secret that customers really want just two things from their interactions with the service desk: speed and accuracy. They want someone to answer the phone quickly, someone who can help them with their problems, and someone who can provide solutions that are correct and helpful. So, if this is what your customers expect from your service desk, is it set up to deliver on these expectations? And if not, why not? Studies have shown that the average speed of answer for contact centers in general is about thirty seconds, yet the widespread customer perception is that they are on hold an average of 11.5 minutes.1 This tells us that even an answer speed of thirty seconds won't be fast enough! Customers clearly want to get through faster. As far as accuracy goes, the picture's even bleaker. In a 2011 customer experience impact report, 57 percent of the customers surveyed said that companies are ____________________ 1 ContactBabel, "The US Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide," p. 98. Available online at RightNow, "2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report: Getting to the Heart of the Consumer and Brand Relationship," p. 4-5. Available online at 2 | "clueless" and that the customer often knows more about the company than the customer service representative. Even worse, 89 percent of customers took their business to a competitor following a poor customer experience.2 Clearly, speed and accuracy have a profound effect on the customer experience. At the same time, companies regularly measure the overall customer experience by tracking metrics like first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and net promoter score. Most service desks measure these metrics each day and report on them monthly, if not weekly. But despite knowing what their customers think about them, they're still not giving their customers what they want and expect. What gives? A Professional Journal for the Technical Service and Support Community 13

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