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The Case for Walk-In Service By Mark Fitzgerald Boise State University was recently recognized by Online Colleges as one of the "eleven colleges going all in on mobile." Strategically, the use of mobile devices and technology in learning spaces is part of the university's plan to "create a signature, high-quality educational experience for all students." The inclusion of technology in the university's strategic plan has prompted us to rethink the support we deliver to students, staff, and faculty of Boise State University. In asking students to bring mobile devices for use in their coursework, we're engaging in a form of BYOD. We've worked with students' personal equipment for many years; the difference now is that the technology is an integral and active part of their learning. And it mirrors what's happening in industry. In the past, it was not uncommon to have 28 | Suppor tWorld January / February 2013 employees go home and work on their email on a personal device. Now we're seeing more and more that employees are required to use their own technology to accomplish their jobs. On the surface, one might think that a mobile workforce (or student body) using its own technology would increase demand for distance support. Though we have seen a

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