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Source (all images): Windows Newsroom, Windows 8: A Win-Win for IT and the Service Desk By Joe Puckett IT has a tall order these days. Not only is it responsible for ensuring day-to-day operations, it's also responsible for keeping data secure and ensuring that workers have the software they need to be productive. Because of this enormous responsibility, it's no wonder IT tends to be skeptical when the latest software hits the market. That skepticism stems from knowing that IT's going to be on the receiving end of the workload that comes with a major change, such as implementing a very new and very different operating system like Windows 8. Add fear, hype, and negative spin from tech pundits, analysts, and other experts to the mix and it's no surprise that many technology decision makers are taking a cautious position when it comes to Windows 8. But taking the cautious route isn't necessarily in the best interest of the business, especially if it's overly cautious and hinders progress. If your organization is evaluating or anticipating a move to Windows 8, the best course of action is to objectively assess how it can benefit your business and outline a plan from there. With a plan in place, you can make the transition—or transformation, in the case of Windows 8—a good move and a positive experience for all involved. | What's New in Windows 8 A Big, Bold Redesign With Windows 8, Microsoft makes its official debut on the post-PC stage. The most obvious change from previous versions is the touch-friendly, tiled user interface, previously referred to as "Metro" and now called "Modern." The Start screen has no actual start button; it's just a customizable collection of tiles that link to apps and programs. The function of the Start screen is the same as the Start button in previous versions of Windows (i.e., to organize and launch applications), but the addition of Live Tiles enhances functionality and productivity by displaying information without having to launch applications. A Professional Journal for the Technical Service and Support Community 37

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