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Community HDIConnect: The Community Continues to Develop NEWS HDIConnect was designed to be a place where the community of support practitioners and solution providers could interact, ask questions, and get information. Two years later, it's become all of these things and more. In addition to being a meeting place for some of the most respected bloggers in the service and support industry, quick links to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow visitors to easily share posts and questions with their social networks, further expanding the reach of the information and insights on HDIConnect. We've recently added a couple of new features, including notifications, persistent login, and new blog categories. By subscribing, you can now be notified when bloggers post and/ or when questions are answered on Ask Your Network. You can also set your notification preferences so that you receive updates when you want them (or don't want them). Persistent login ensures that you don't need to enter your credentials every time you visit, and new blog categories are being added so that more of your interests are brought into the conversation. We would love to hear your feedback as we grow HDIConnect, and we certainly invite your participation in rating products and services, asking and answering questions, and writing some posts yourself. Guidelines for Bloggers • All posts are subject to approval and/or editing by the HDI Content team. • Posts cannot be sales pitches. HDI maintains a strict policy of vendor neutrality. • Posts are generally 400–600 words. If your post needs to be much longer, consider whether submitting two or more posts would better fit your goals. • Please include a short biography (no longer than 100 words) to be displayed in your HDIConnect profile. (Note: We'll create a profile for you if you don't already have one.) • Please include a high-resolution headshot for your profile picture, if you haven't already uploaded one. We'll use Photoshop to create a featured blogger avatar for you, so make sure the background is a solid color. • If you haven't worked with us to determine where your blog will fit, consider one of these categories: • Service Management: ITIL, ITSM, knowledge management, and similar topics. • Support Operations: Support center topics such as metrics, staffing, motivation, management, career, and the like. • Community: Topics related to HDI membership and/or events. • Desktop Support: Topics related specifically to that part of the support organization. | • Technology: Topics related to the technologies that enable and expedite the management of service and support. • If you aren't sure where your blog fits, we can decide once you've submitted it. • If you're not used to writing blogs, take a quick look at "Quick Tips for Effective Blogging" for helpful guidance ( • If you have a Twitter handle, include it, please, and don't be shy about tweeting links to your blog once it's been posted. We use #HDIConnect and #ThinkHDI. If you'd like to know more about blogging for the site, email me at or tweet me @HDI_Analyst. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and so is our community of professionals. ............................................ Fresh Faces: Tom Lewis Tom Lewis recently joined HDI as the supervisor of the Customer Care Center. A native of Pennsylvania, Tom wanted to be a cowboy minister when he grew up. Instead, he got a degree in elementary education and cultivated an interest in computers and computer programming, a combination of skills that, in 1982, landed him at Highlights for Children, where he was tasked with writing educational software for the TRS-80 and Apple II. After twenty years with Highlights, Tom had worked his way up to director of client services, all while providing computer support and training on the side. When Highlights decided to create a formal help desk in 2002, Tom was the logical choice to lead and develop it. Soon after, Tom joined HDI and attended his first annual conference. He has also been active in the Mid-Ohio HDI local chapter, first as librarian and later as president. We're very pleased to welcome Tom and his family to HDI and Colorado Springs! A Professional Journal for the Technical Service and Support Community 49

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