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Riding the Hype-cycle By Roy Atkinson hype (v.): to intensify (advertising, promotion, or publicity) by ingenious or questionable claims, methods, etc. Hype is a shortened form of hyperbole, defined as "obvious and intentional exaggeration." We see hype all the time in the actual or implied claims of advertisers. "Drink this soft drink and your life will be wonderful!" the ads tell us. We know these claims aren't true because experience tells us that nothing much changed the last time we had a soft drink, except that we were maybe a bit less thirsty. 6 | Suppor tWorld January / February 2013 Hype gets attention—and that's the point. It's hard to sell a product or service if no one knows about it, and getting conversations started is one way to get the word out. In the new world of social media, it's even harder to grab attention and get your signal to break through the noise. Hence, both marketers and those who track and comment on trends are taking hyperbole to whole new levels.

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