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Hosting of virtual desktop infrastructure "Nobody needs support anymore." Again, au contraire. Our research shows that 66 percent of support centers say that their ticket counts have gone up over last year. This is a trend we continue to see, year over year. "Everyone is using their own devices at work." Internal data center External (third-party) data center Cloud Other Although we don't know how many people are using their own devices on the sly—that's a personnel and policy issue as much as it is a security issue—only 7.6 percent of organizations have official BYOD programs for all employees' smartphones, while 36.2 percent have such programs for some employees. Blanket BYOD programs for tablets and laptops are quite rare. I don't know Cell phones/smartphones Tablets Laptops 36.2% 1.9% 5.4% 4.9% 0.5% 9.4% 76.4% 5.4% 8.4% 1.5% 8.4% (Source: "Supporting Desktop Virtualization in 2012," HDI Research Corner report, September 2012) 9.7% Some All 1.3% "Everything is going to be virtualized and moved to the cloud." It may surprise you to learn that more organizations have no plans to implement desktop virtualization (33%) than those that have implemented it (22%). It may also surprise you to learn that the percentage of virtualized desktops in these organizations is relatively small. About one-third (32%) of organizations that have implemented virtualization have virtualized a mere one to five percent of their desktops. In addition, 79.8 percent of these organizations' virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) are hosted not in the cloud but in their own data centers, along with 76.4 percent of their users' data storage. Does this mean that there aren't trends toward virtualization, cloud computing, and consumerization? No, that's not what it means. Those things are happening, and those trends will continue. But they will—in most cases—happen more slowly than we've been led to believe by both marketers and pundits, and the effect won't be as widespread. | Cloud I don't know 21.2% (Source: "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Hot or Not?," HDI Research Corner report, March 2012) 8 External (third-party) data center Other 7.6% 79.8% Hosting of user storage Internal data center Percentage of companies with official BYOD programs (for some employees or for all employees) Suppor tWorld January / February 2013 .................................. HDI's research can help you ride the hype-cycle and reach the Plateau of Productivity without sinking into the Trough of Disillusionment or, worse, falling off the Cliffs of Insanity. To learn more about HDI's research, visit About the Author Roy Atkinson is HDI's senior writer/analyst. He is a certified HDI Support Center Manager and a veteran of both small business and enterprise consulting, service, and support. In addition, he has both frontline and management experience. Roy is a member of the conference faculty for the HDI 2013 Conference & Expo and is known for his social media presence, especially on the topic of customer service. He also serves as the chapter advisor for the HDI Northern New England local chapter.

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