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The Daly Interview: C-Suite Perspectives By Cinda Daly Innovation: The Changing Role of the CIO With David Michael, CIO and EVP of Global Technology, and Illysa Ortsman, IT Director, Infrastructure and Support, UBM Tech InformationWeek's 2012 IT Perception Survey, "How IT's Perceived by Business," revealed that most non-IT people don't consider their IT teams to be very innovative, but most also say they need great technology more than ever. Eric Lundquist, VP and editorial analyst for InformationWeek, concluded that "innovation is in peril…[and] businesses doubt their IT teams can save the day." For UBM Tech, HDI's parent company and a global live media and B2B communications, marketing services, and data provider, innovation is one of the four underlying corporate values leading the company down the path to be the best—and biggest—event business in the world. UBM Tech's David Michael understands how IT technology solutions support that goal and he embraces the role his entire organization plays on that journey. David Michael and Illysa Ortsman sat down with me to discuss their deepening influence on enterprise innovation and the challenges inherent in managing a culture of innovation. 10 | Suppor tWorld January / February 2013 Cinda Daly: As the CIO, your role is changing—along with many of your peers in the C-suite—such that you can no longer be simply the caretakers of information and data systems; instead, you must lead toward technological innovation. At the core of this shift is the requirement for the IT organization and the overall enterprise to share the same goals. How are you leading the innovation effort at UBM Tech?

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