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Previous Next More on Dr. Dobb's Journal CONTENTS Februar y 2014 The Rise And Fall of Languages in 2013 Much happened in languages during a year that appeared static. Engineering Managers Should Code 30% of Their Time Lose contact with the code, and you lose the connection to your team and the project. How then to make the time to manage and code? The cofounder of MongoDB explains his approach. FEATURES 8 Nimrod: A New Systems Programming Language By Andreas Rumpf Introducing a language with extensive metaprogramming support, generics and exception tracking built-in, optional garbage collection, rivaling C in performance. And it compiles to C, C++, Objective-C, and JavaScript. 14 Unit Testing with Python By José R.C. Cruz Examining the mechanisms of unit testing in Python, starting with the unittest module and its key classes, reviewing tests individually and in suites, and how to facilitate their construction and use. 28 From the Vault: C++ Compilation Speed By Walter Bright Walter explains the many reasons why C++ compiles so slowly. GUEST EDITORIAL 3 How I Came to Write D By Walter Bright The path that led Walter Bright to write a language, now among the top 20 most used, began with curiosity — and an insult. 7 News Briefs By Adrian Bridgwater Recent news on tools, platforms, frameworks, and the state of the software development world. 31 Links Snapshots of interesting items on including JSON and the Microsoft C++ REST SDK, Automating threeway code merges, why testing is not the same as verification, and Java communications without JNI. February 2014 Scrum's Flawed Notion of Product Owner Agile processes replace up-front interviews with ongoing interviews. Without an on-site customer, there are no interviews, and you end up with no design. Hackathons: Proof That Ideas Are Cheap and Implementation Is Expensive Hackathons, those 48-hour fests fueled by energy drinks and pizza, are a rapidly growing phenomenon, but what's in it for developers? Social Processes and the Design of Programming Languages "A proof does not in itself significantly raise our confidence in the probable truth of the theorem it purports to prove." 2

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