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Table of Contents Previous Next Previous Next Download Download Register Register Subscribe Subscribe Previous Next Previous Next TOP 100 COMPANIES April 1, 2014 14 TOP FIVE COMPANIES No. ONE | Pfizer Pfizer Connects Dots To Deliver Better Treatments L ots of companies boast about big data, but Pfizer is delivering on its promise with the Precision Medi- cine Analytics Ecosystem, a program that connects the dots among genomic, clini- cal trial, and electronic medical record data to spot opportunities to quickly deliver new drugs for specific patient populations. Five to seven years ago, the conven- tional model for developing drugs was to design multiyear clinical trials that might involve thousands of patients worldwide. Researchers looked into many possible outcomes and poten- tial uses for treatments. Now, a much more targeted approach is possible, supported by more-affordable genomic data and more-available (de-identified) EMR data. By combining these sources with the high-scale clinical trial data at Pfizer 's disposal, the company can target specific patient populations that aren't responding to currently available treatments. In the case of lung cancer, for example, medical research revealed that about 5% of patients weren't engaged in high-risk lifestyles — they weren't heavy smokers, coal miners, or otherwise abusing their lungs. Rather, what they all had in com- mon was a mutation in their ALK gene. With the aid of predictive analysis across genomic, clinical trial, and anonymous EMR data, Pfizer was able to develop Xalkori, a drug first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011 spe- cifically for lung cancer patients with the ALK gene mutation. " H a d t h i s co m p o u n d b e e n te s te d against a broad spectrum of lung cancer patients, it likely would not have been found to be effective," says Pfizer CIO Jeff Keisling. "With this analytics-based Pfizer's using big data to find treatments for small patient groups, CIO Keisling says [

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