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C O N T E N T S May 2014 FEATURES 4 Simplifying Contract Testing by Claude Warren Contract tests help to prove code correctness. If every object interface is defined as an interface, and every interface has a contract test that covers all methods and their expected op- eration, and all objects have tests that mock the objects they call as per the interface definition, then running the entire suite of tests demonstrates that the interconnection between each object works and is correct. 12 The Relationship Between Testability and Good Design by Michael Feathers There seems to be an eerily consistent connection between testability at the unit level and good design. Almost uniformly, code that is hard to test has design problems. When you fix the design problems, it becomes easy to test. 15 From the Vault: Unit Testing in C: Tools and Conventions By James W. Grenning A unit test harness is a software package that allows a pro- grammer to express how production code should behave. A unit test harness's job is to provide a common language More on The Corruption of Agile What was intended as a set of personal practices has become a doctrine. And despite the mainstream adoption of Agile, the loss of its original intent has undermined its effectiveness. Lambda Expressions in Java 8 The single most important change in Java 8 enables faster, clearer coding and opens the door to functional programming. Here's how it works. LINQ-like List Manipulation in C++ Using the open-source Cpplinq project to get Language-Inte- grated Query capabilities in C++11 Use Frequent Branches to Simplify Code Reviews If you end up working this way, you'll be using your version control not only to track what has been done but also how it was done. Java SE 8 Beyond Lambdas: The Big Picture In addition to Lambdas, Java 8 features changes to the way annotations are handled, array processing, VM size, garbage col- lection, and so much more. Previous Next Previous Next Download Download Register Register Subscribe Subscribe Previous Next Previous Next May 2014 2

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