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Mobile Device Support and BYOD: Where Are We Now? Written by Jenny Rains, Senior Research Analyst NOVEMBER 2013 T hree years ago, in response to upheaval in the technical service and support industry, HDI set out to investigate the current practices and opinions surrounding support for end-user mobile devices. At the time, BlackBerry was the device of choice across the board, and the term "BYOD" had only recently been coined. In the year that followed, the influx of mobile devices into the workplace threw support teams off balance: customers were requesting help with a wider selection of devices, and customer expectations, particu- larly with regard to working on the go, were increasing rapidly. The consumerization of IT was well underway. By early 2012, many organizations had become more accepting of the use of personal devices for professional purposes, and BYOD was dominating discussions within the technical service and support community. At the beginning of 2013, the dust appeared to be settling. However, recent research, particularly The Technical Support Center of the Future (June 2013), has revealed that our industry's leaders continue to be preoccupied with managing mobile device support, though there appears to have been a shift from reactive, frantic support to proactive, innovative support. The latest survey results, reported in this research brief, explain some of the reasons for this shift in attitude and approach. SURVEY RESULTS This research brief, based on 549 responses to an online survey released in October and November 2013, compares current data regarding industry practices and maturity to data from previous reports, including "Supporting Mobile Devices" (November 2010), "Supporting Mobile Devices in 2011" (January 2012), and "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Hot or Not?" (March 2012). The results speak to current practices and trends surrounding support for specific mobile devices, the impact of supporting mobile devices, and the industry's position on BYOD policies and programs. Impact of mobile device support on support centers In addition to the demands of the business and the expectations of customers, the importance of successfully managing mobile device support is evident when we look at its impact on the queue. On average, about 15 percent of the tickets cycled through support queues are related to mobile device support needs. This is a substantial portion of total tickets received. 15% of tickets are related to supporting mobile devices, on average. Staying ahead of the technology Struggling to keep up with the pace Not supporting mobile devices 2010 2011 2013 2% 41% 50% 8% Keeping up with the pace Percentage of support teams 3% 40% 52% 5% 4% 49% 40% 6% Keeping Up with Emerging Mobile Devices 16

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