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Support-on-the-Go: Using Mobile Devices to Provide End-User Support By Jenny Rains, Senior Research Analyst JULY 2013 F or several years now, technical support centers have been trying to handle the rapid influx of end users' mobile devices that require support. Customers expect support for a wide variety of devices, and new devices continue to penetrate the market at a quicker pace than support staff can learn to support them. But has the day finally come when mobile devices are not simply the nemesis of the technical support center, but the hero of the story? Are support teams not only supporting smartphones and tablets but also using these mobile devices to their advantage? Ticket management (e.g., enter, escalate, update, check) Remote support (i.e., remote control and screen share) Access knowledge base Access SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) Access alerts/monitoring Other Will implement in the next 12 months Will implement in the next 1-2 years No plans to Currently Percentage of organizations 53% 21% 11% 15% 59% 15% 7% 19% 52% 23% 9% 16% 18% 31% 14% 37% 68% 14% 6% 12% 76% 6% 12% 6% How technical support is using mobile devices to provide end-user support Includes 149 organizations that currently have staff providing support via mobile devices In this report, HDI shares the current practices of techni- cal support staffs, across more than thirty industries, re- garding their practices related to using mobile devices to provide support to end users. The online survey was available from May through June 2013, and it collected information from 233 technical support organizations. The research results provide insight into not only the utilization of mobile devices by support teams but also the pros and cons of that practice. RESEARCH RESULTS The percentage of organizations using mobile devices to provide technical support was higher than antici- pated. Sixty-four percent of staffs are using mobile de- vices, at least part-time, to provide technical support to their customers. In some organizations, on-call staff members are the primary users of mobile devices; in other organizations, mobile devices are staff members' primary devices. Support Gone Mobile Of those organizations using mobile devices, most staffs are able to access alerts/monitoring (68%), provide re- mote support through remote control and screen shar- ing (59%), manage (e.g., enter, escalate, update, and check the status) tickets (53%), and access the knowl- edge base (52%). Most organizations that cannot cur- rently perform these tasks on mobile devices would like to be able to, and many have plans to implement more support through mobile devices in the near future. The charts below illustrate how mobile devices are currently being used and what organizations' plans are for the future. of organizations' technical support staffs use mobile devices to provide support 64% 4

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