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25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 0 - Not aligned at all 1% 1 1% 2 2% 16% 23% 23% 4% 3 10 - Completely aligned 4% 6% 4 12% 5 6 7 8 9% 9 Average = 6.6 Median = 7 Percentage of organizations JUNE 2014 S upport organizations are implementing new technologies and processes to better connect customers with technical support teams, and customer satisfaction is paramount. However, most organizations admit they're not proactively aligning their priorities with their customers' expectations. Are the needs of the support team different from what customers want and expect? Recent research by HDI delves into the two groups' expectations and priori- ties—according to support professionals—and explores how closely they're aligned. Survey Results A recent online survey of 771 technical service and support professionals revealed that support organiza- tions value the same support factors they believe to be important to their customers. Despite this, very few organizations are deliberately prioritizing and aligning these needs accordingly. Many organizations admit they aren't currently basing their business decisions on what their customers want from the support center. On a scale of 0–10, where 0 is "not aligned at all" and 10 is "completely aligned," the average score is a 6.6; only four percent report that their priorities are completely aligned with what they believe their customers' expectations to be. (See the chart below for the full breakdown of responses.) By Jenny Rains, Senior Research Analyst, HDI The Alignment of Customer and Support Expectations Are support organizations' priorities aligned with customer expectations? 37

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