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020 p P O R T F O L I O T I P S _ G r e g Fo e r t s c h KILLER PORTFOLIO TIPS THE DOS AND DON'TS OF ONLINE GAME ART PORTFOLIOS W HETHER YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET INTO THE GAME INDUSTRY OR are trying to change jobs within the industry, getting a job as an artist has never been more competitive. In order to achieve your goal you need any advantage possible to stand out from the crowd. For the past several years, myself and several art directors from other studios have been a part of a panel at the Game Developers Conference on the subject of portfolio advice, titled "Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer." This article comprises a list of dos and don'ts that identifies some of the most common online portfolio issues we have all seen, and continue to see. While most portfolio advice may seem like common sense, you would be surprised at how many artists G r e g F o e r t s c h 020 A good example of finalized character development. It's good to follow sketches and mass drawings with the final visualization. A great sketch book example of ideation/silhouette development and shows some thought process. This is cleanly presented and is not just a straight scan of analog media. make these mistakes when creating a portfolio. The first thing an art director is going to do is look at your work. The second thing an art director is going to do is look at your work. If that is good, they may look at your resume and cover letter. In the end all that matters is the work. It is up to you to make sure that people see it. CONTENTS OF THE PORTFOLIO DO: know some of the basics for creating a killer portfolio for the common disciplines. To help, I have provided some suggestions for constructing your portfolio and common things companies look for in a candidate. Many jobs may vary slightly from company to company, so keep in mind that the information below is a general assessment. game developer magazine

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