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029 2D ANIMATION BASICS 35AF 35AF ANIMATION 35AF ANIMATION TYAVBML TYAVBML ANIMATION IS TOUGH. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS YOU'RE ANIMATING, WHETHER IT'S A FILM, MUSIC VIDEO, OR A GAME, THERE'S NO GETTING AROUND THAT ANIMATION IS A SLOW, LABORIOUS TASK. BUT HOW DOES IT DIFFER FOR GAMES? game developer magazine Animating for a game requires a certain understanding of game mechanics and how games work. You would think that goes without saying, but a surprising number of fantastic, traditionally trained animators have a hard time working within the restrictions that game animations require. And to be fair, it's certainly not easy to suddenly have technical restrictions to an already difficult art! M a r i e l C a r t w r i g h t Skullgirls 2d 029 G A M E C A R E E R G U I D E

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