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R ETAIL BROKERAGE FIRMS operating in the private client business are competing in a technology arms race. Increas- ingly, financial advisers are demanding new financial plan- ning tools and access to data from tablets and other mobile devices in order to make their lives easier. To recruit advisers, firms must provide easy-to-use platforms, cutting-edge financial planning, and customized reporting tools. Vincent Campagnoli is leading this ef- fort at Raymond James. In the highly competitive private client business, retail brokerage firms need to know if their financial advisers are happy with the technology they're building for them. Campagnoli, CIO at Raymond James, spends a lot of time meeting with financial advisers, including those who work internally and are employed as independent advisers. "If you look at our core business — our private client group and registered investment advisers — we spend a significant amount of time with them," says Campagnoli, who took on the CIO role 18 months ago. "We want to make sure we're listening and delivering on what they tell us they need." To ensure that it's building technology from their perspective, the October 2014 16 Previous Table of Contents Next Previous Table of Contents Next Raymond James's financial advisers are becoming more productive, partially through the use of new technology and data analytics provided by the firm's IT group, led by Vincent Campagnoli. By Ivy Schmerken @ischmerken It's All About The Ease Of Use R A Y M O N D J A M E S VINCENT CAMPAGNOLI Chief information officer, Raymond James SIZE OF IT ORGANIZATION: More than 800 associates. CAREER BIO: Campagnoli has spent more than 27 years, in retail brokerage. Cam- pagnoli joined Raymond James in October 2011 and was appointed CIO 18 months ago. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in computer science from Iona College. MBA in finance from Pace University. WHO INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST IN YOUR CAREER?: "Pruden- tial's CIO, Bill Anderson. He stressed that technology is there for the business." WHAT WORK EXPERIENCE HAD THE MOST LONG-LASTING EFFECT ON YOUR CAREER? "The one memory that is vivid is 9/11. That evening we had a number of our employees that walked into our lower Manhat- tan data center to restore operations. The team atmosphere during a very dif- ficult time was incredible, and something I will never forget. The focus of the team was the need to be up and operational, ready for business." WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOBBY? "On vacation or whenever I have time, I love to play golf or go skiing. It is an escape for me." DOWNLOAD PDF

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