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B RINGING A FAMILY STORY full circle helped inspire 30-year private sector IT veteran Rob Lux to take the very public role of senior VP and CIO at McLean, Va.-based Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) in October 2010, when the US financial services sector was still reeling from the effects of the subprime mortgage meltdown. "Although my father's parents owned a farm in what is now Slo- vakia, they brought their family here with very little," explains Lux. "Once in the US, my grandparents' dream was to own their home. They took out a mortgage and worked hard to pay it off, and, even- tually, they were able to realize their dream." Beyond teaching him the value of hard work and goal orientation, "it made the American dream personal to me," Lux says. "It's what motivates me here at Freddie — every day, we make homeowner- ship possible for people just like my grandparents." Since arriving at Freddie, Lux has steered the 1,300-member IT organization with steadiness and enthusiasm. "For me and the other leaders of our IT team, challenges get us up in the morning," says Lux. "If we worked for a company in maintenance mode, this team October 2014 19 Previous Table of Contents Next Previous Table of Contents Next Rob Lux takes the role of senior VP and CIO at Freddie Mac to modernize the institution and deliver new tools to benefit mortgage industry. By Anne Rawland Gabriel Laser-Focused F R E D D I E M A C ROB LUX Senior VP and CIO, Freddie Mac CAREER BIO: Before joining Freddie Mac in 2010, Lux was a principal at Tow- ers Watson. Previously, he was the chief architect and chief data officer for GMAC Financial Services and chief technology officer for GMAC Residential Capital. He also held other leadership positions at EDS and Reuters. EDUCATION: M.S. in management of technology, University of Pennsylvania, and B.S. in commerce and engineering, Drexel University. INDIVIDUAL MOST INFLUENCING YOUR CAREER: "Dale Madden, who was my manager during my college co-op at IBM. He invested as much time in me as his superstar players, which impressed me to always grow younger tal- ent and learn from them while they learned from me." MOST ADMIRED EXECUTIVE: "John Koskinen, who stepped in at Freddie as a calming force during the darkest days of the crisis. He then retired, only to come back when asked to lead the IRS through their crisis. As an American tax- payer, I can't even express how lucky we are to have John at the helm of the IRS." RELAXATION: "It's important to spend time with my two daughters, so I like to do what 11- and 14 year-old girls like to do." DOWNLOAD PDF

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