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P ERSONALIZATION DRIVES MARV ADAMS these days. Whether it's client-facing mobile apps or back-office clear- ing and settlement systems, aligning IT toward delivering individualized experiences has defined the 30-year technology and operations veteran's approach since he joined TD Ameritrade as ex- ecutive VP and COO early in 2011. "You can call it big data, but it's really about personalization," says Adams. "Technology innovations are making it possible to tailor of- ferings to almost a segment of one. This enables us to create a really exciting business strategy and also makes IT more exciting because there are many interesting dimensions required to make our per- sonalization strategy happen." Examples of client-facing personalization efforts at TD Ameritrade, with its $650 billion in assets under management and an average of nearly 400,000 trades per day, include a multifeed client website and increasingly sophisticated mobile apps. A three-year initiative, the company's recently updated client web- site segments screen real estate into unique content channels. Over time, Adams says, this will enable TD Ameritrade to gain detailed in- sights on individual clients as well as push out customized offerings October 2014 4 Previous Table of Contents Next Previous Table of Contents Next Veteran financial services CIO Marv Adams is making personalized client experiences the priority at TD Ameritrade. By Anne Rawland Gabriel It's Personal T D A M E R I T R A D E MARV ADAMS Executive VP and chief operating officer, TD Ameritrade CAREER BIO: Before joining TD Ameritrade in early 2011, Adams was execu- tive VP of shared services for TIAA-CREF. Previously, he served in leadership roles for Fidelity Investments, Citigroup, Bank One, Ford, and Xerox. EDUCATION: B.S., electrical engineering, Michigan State University. INDIVIDUAL MOST INFLUENCING YOUR CAREER: "Definitely my dad, who is a deeply value-centered person. He modeled inspiring people with a clear sense of purpose, making the right decision, and focusing on the long haul rather than short-term interests." WORK EXPERIENCE WITH THE GREATEST LASTING IMPRES- SION: "Early in my career, a boss suggested taking a project working in the field with contractors to help them meet their deliverables. Although it seemed like a demotion at the time, the project management and partner relations ex- perience ultimately gave me a foundation I've drawn upon ever since." PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN: "This year, I started learning to play the piano as a really fun, different type of goal. I keep several keyboards around so I have no excuse not to practice." DOWNLOAD PDF

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