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Page 6 of 6 integrated deduplication are the other new features seen as most significant. Despite a rejuvenated Hyper-V and the in- ternal links between Microsoft's cloud and hypervisor platforms, there's little market synergy between the two products. Only 6% of our respondents say an Azure deployment will cause them to favor Hyper-V over alter- natives. Meanwhile, just 14% select cloud software compatible with their existing hy- pervisors, which as we saw heavily skews toward VMware. As you frame your server OS strategy for 2015 and beyond, consider the role of cloud and open source software, your mobile appli- cation architecture, and convergence plans. Organizations committed to operating inter- nal Windows-based server applications and infrastructure and that haven't upgraded to Server 2012 should make it a high priority. Enterprises developing next-gen distrib- uted, big data, or cloud-scale applications should build a greenfield infrastruc ture around one or more cloud stacks. The top contenders are OpenStack (Linux-based), Mi- crosoft Azure (Windows-based), and vCloud (VMware-based). Perhaps most critically, op- timize your infrastructure around application requirements and developer needs, not oper- ations. This means taking an application-cen- tric view of infrastructure provisioning, which will increasingly lead to using technologies like self-service cloud stacks, distributed data- bases, and application containers rather than monolithic operating systems. Kurt Marko is an IT independent consultant, analyst, and writer at his firm, MarkoInsights. Write to us at iwletters@ Copyright 2014 UBM LLC. All rights reserved. Previous Next Previous Next Download Download Register Register Subscribe Subscribe Previous Next Previous Next October 2014 7 [ 2 0 1 5 S E R V E R O S O U T L O O K ] In use Plan to use Don't use/plan to use Top 10 Servers Dell PowerEdge HP ProLiant Cisco IBM System x (x86) HP BladeSystem IBM BladeCenter IBM Power Systems (System p) (Oracle) Sun x64 (Oracle) Sun Sparc Entrprise (Oracle) Sun Blade (UltraSparc, AMD or Intel) Data: InformationWeek State of Server Technollogy Survey of 300 business technology professionals, September 2013 R7411013/23 71% 5% 24% 53% 8% 39% 36% 8% 56% 28% 7% 65% 26% 10% 64% 23% 7% 70% 20% 6% 74% 19% 2% 79% 18% 2% 80% 14% 3% 83%

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