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ad 105 A R R E S T E D D E V E L O P M E N T _ M a t t h e w Wa s t e l a n d 105 game developer magazine up because it'll be so obviously better than all of the other games there. Oops! That's a little embarrassing! But I'll be gracious when I accept the prizes. I'll thank the judges and look the audience in the eye and say, "Hey, you too can be like me—you just gotta try!" Keep the Fans Happy Unlike a lot of other game developers, I know how to handle the online world. As long as I'm nice to my fans, they'll be nice back! I'll have a subreddit too, and that'll be a calm, rational place for everyone to share their anticipation for the game with insightful posts and reasoned discussion. I'll make sure to attend lots of conventions, and I'll give away lots of swag because I love the community so much. When you give people stuff, guess what? They automatically love you back! I can just picture the long lines of people waiting to play my game and maybe even meet me in person and get my autograph. That is, if I decide to make a public appearance at all. I might get tired of all the constant attention and go incognito, as they say—posing as just another fan of my awesome game. Then, if I overhear someone bad- mouthing me, I could dramatically reveal I'm actually right there, shocking them and making them realize the error of their ways! "Forgive us!" they'll shout. Man, it'll be so sweet when that happens. Fame and Fortune! Anyway, after that, I'll probably take a break for a bit and let others just sort of bask in the warm glow of my success. I'm very generous by nature and always happy to set an example, so when a prizewinning film crew contacts me to inquire about making a documentary about my life, I'll participate in a totally earnest and sincere way. I'm not completely sure exactly how I'll enjoy all that money just yet—I doubt I'd buy an opulent mansion in Hollywood or anything gauche like that. Maybe I'd consider an old castle in Scotland, though. Greatness Awaits™ Well, that's enough talking. It's time to start doing the real hard work of making my indie game dreams come true! See you on Twitter! Matthew Wasteland is the author of "Surviving the Game Industry: A Wasteland Guide." Find more of his work at STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME Recognized by Princeton Review as one of the "Top 25 Video Game Schools and Progams," Champlain College brings game development education to the next level. Champlain College students work together in our Game Studio—a collaborative environment that mirrors the tight-knit teams of the game industry. At Champlain, experience matters. at CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE

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